Infant Baptism – James Bannerman

What, then, is the bearing of Scripture, doctrine, and practice on the question of the lawfulness or unlawfulness of infant baptism? The following five propositions, I shall endeavor to establish in connection with this subject; and the discussion of these will very nearly exhaust the question. First, the Covenant of Grace, as revealed by God … Read more

The Great Sabbath To Come

The following message was delivered at Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Bartlesville Oklahoma on 9-17-2023. The speaker is Mr. James Hieter. The message is based upon Hebrews 4:1-13. And it is titled, “The Great Sabbath To Come.” Visit us at

The Son

The following message was delivered at Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Bartlesville Oklahoma on 7-30-2023. The speaker is Mr. James Hieter, a ruling elder. The message is based upon Hebrews 1:1-3. And it is titled, “The Son.”

The Three Sabbaths – James Bannerman

Three Sabbaths – James Bannerman – “The Church of Christ” pg 426 “There are three sabbath referred to in scripture, each excelling, the other in glory, as they occur in their order, because each one, as it occurs, comprehend, as it were, all the former. There is a Sabbath of creation, when God the Father … Read more

True Seeking After God

Jonathan Edwards used to say that the chief business of the Christian was the seeking of the Kingdom of God. And what he meant by that was the chief business of the Christian is seeking after God. We have such a superficial understanding of seeking that we attribute it to non-believers when the non-believer is … Read more

What is Evangelism?

“And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Romans 10:15 ESV R.C. Sproul – “What is Evangelism?” April 22, 2008 “Now that we have defined the Gospel, we will begin looking at what it means to spread … Read more

The Essential Parts of Public Worship

What are the essential parts of public worship as a perpetual and standing ordinance of God in the church? Let the confession of faith, and the proposition it lays down in regard to religious worship, furnish an answer to that question. ‘Prayer with Thanksgiving,’ says the Westminster Confession, ‘being one special part of religious worship, … Read more

Objections to the lawful use of subordinate standards.

The subject of the exercise of church power to this particular department is so very important that it may be well to consider apart, and somewhat in detail, the objections that have been commonly urged against the lawfulness or use of subordinate standards. These objections may be readily reduced to one or other of the … Read more

Church Discipline – John Calvin

Church Discipline – John Calvin Discipline, in the case of the exercise of church power, in regard to church government, turns directly and powerfully to advance the spiritual edification of the church. The use and intent of the power of discipline entrusted to the church, are briefly and precisely, expressed by the apostle Paul, in … Read more

The Sacraments – John Bannerman

The Sacraments – James Bannerman The Sacraments of the church, merely as speaking and teaching signs, may undoubtedly, be affirmed to be adapted to the spiritual nature of man, so as to exercise naturally a moral influence over his feelings and his heart; but beyond that moral influence, and altogether above the ministry of natural … Read more