The Three Sabbaths – James Bannerman

Three Sabbaths – James Bannerman – “The Church of Christ” pg 426

“There are three sabbath referred to in scripture, each excelling, the other in glory, as they occur in their order, because each one, as it occurs, comprehend, as it were, all the former.
There is a Sabbath of creation, when God the Father rested from His work of power, and called upon man to enter with Him into rest, and to rejoice with Him in that finished work, because it was good.

There is a Sabbath of redemption, not superseding, but embracing the former, when God, the Son rested from His work of grace, and once more invited man to enter with Him into rest, and rejoice with Him in the finished work, that, in a higher sense than in the former case, because it was creation, restored, was also very good.

And there is a Sabbath of the glory yet to come, not superseding the former two, but embracing and comprehending both, when, creation restored and redemption completed, and both continued in glory, God the Spirit shall enter into His rest, and shall call upon His saints to rest with Him also, rejoicing together through eternity in the last and highest Sabbath of God.”

Each of these Sabbaths reveal the glory of and the rest of each person of the Trinity in their economic roles.