True Seeking After God

Jonathan Edwards used to say that the chief business of the Christian was the seeking of the Kingdom of God. And what he meant by that was the chief business of the Christian is seeking after God. We have such a superficial understanding of seeking that we attribute it to non-believers when the non-believer is not seeking God—he’s running away from God. He is seeking the benefits that only God can give him, but he wants the benefits of God without God. The seeking after God starts at conversion; it doesn’t end there. To get beyond infantile Christianity really involves being on a mission, on a quest to know God. It’s got to be a passion. It can’t be something we just do in our spare time. And where that desire to know Him takes us every single time is to the Word.

R.C. Sproul – Devotions May 3, 2011

Romans 3:11-17