The Millenium – Part 2 – Ben Warfield

Of course the passage (Rev. xx. 1-10) does not give us a direct description of “the intermediate state.” We must bear in mind that the book we are reading is written in symbols and gives us a direct description of nothing that it sets before us, but always a direct description only of the symbol … Read more

Union with Christ – John Colquhoun

John. Colquhoun – Union with Christ Before a sinner be vitally united to Christ, he is united to the first Adam, Rom. 5:12. All the children of men, in their natural estate, are united to the first Adam as their moral representative. The bond by which they are joined to him is the bond of … Read more

The Law of God as a Rule of Life to Believers

Excerpt from “A Treatise on the Law and the Gospel” by John Colquhoun pages 260-261 All who are united to Christ, and justified for His righteousness imputed to them, are dead to the law as a covenant [of works]; not that they may be without law to God, but that they may be under the … Read more

Agreement between the Law and the Gospel

“Excerpt from “A Treatise on the law and the Gospel” pages 167-168 by John Colquhoun The law and the gospel the law, likewise, as a rule of life to believers agrees with the gospel. When the law, as a covenant presses a man forward, or shuts him up to the faith of the gospel; the … Read more